How to Extend the Life of Your Washing Machine

A typical washing machine can last from 5 years to a long 12 years. As the cost of a new washer is relatively insignificant compared to repairing it, most people prefer to purchase a new one rather than spend the effort and time to send it for repairs. What is more, the excitement of owning a new machine is definitely hard to resist.

But do you know that by taking good care of your washing machine, you can extend the lifespan and save on the replacement or repair costs. Here are 5 free advice on how you can make them last longer kenmore washer repair los angeles.

Periodic Maintenance

If you want your washing machine to reach her ten year birthday, here’s what you need to do on a periodic basic. First, set the timer to the longest and hottest washing cycle. Remember to avoid putting any clothes or laundry detergent in. Second, find vinegar and pour at least a gallon of it into the tub. Thirdly, let the machine spin through the full cycle. The above maintenance steps is necessary to removes any build up deposits in the washing machine and prevent clogged up problems.

Washing Power

Does you washer breaks down easily? If yes, then perhaps the reason is because you have been using excessive detergent which corrode and clogged the machine parts. Try to avoid buying those cheap powers as experiences have shown that they are often the culprits for troubles with your machines.

Soda Crystals

Some people prefer to use this instead of vinegar. You can mix one small cup of soda crystals with your normal washing powder. Turn on the washing machine and let the spin cycle starts. It should clean just as normal.


Do an inspection of the machine hoses regularly. Look for any signs of breakage and corrosion.
It’s important to change these hoses at least once every 3 years. This will help to maintain and prolong the lifespan of your machine.


Try to use liquid detergent to washing your clothes as it will not clogged up your washing machine. Rest assured that liquid detergent can do the cleaning job just as well as powder ones.

Service Call

Nothing beats a professional coming down to your house to inspect your washing machine. If you are busy with work, has no interests or time to maintain your washer, then a handy service man could be the best option.

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