Refrigerator Maintenance Tips – How To Add More Years To Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are long-term investments. When buying, you have to choose the most reliable brand that will not break down easily. In addition to that, there are a lot of plausible ways for you to add more years to the life of your refrigerator.

Use the following refrigerator maintenance tips:

1. Keep your fridge clean all the time.

Don’t let bacteria and germs breed inside the machine samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. If there are spills, immediately wipe them with a moist towel. You should also periodically clean your fridge by removing unnecessary stored food.

It is wise to label your foods and indicate the date of expiration so you will know when to dispose them. Remove perished goods pronto so they will not cause bacterial growth inside the machine.

2. Do not let your kids play with the fridge.

Opening and closing the refrigerator frequently will wear out the lighting and the rubber seal of the machine. Ask your kids not to play with the fridge. Tell them not to bang the door of the fridge to avoid kinks in the exterior of the machine. If there are any kinks, it might be difficult to replace the rubber seal.

3. Regularly clean the coils of the machine.

The coils are there to exhaust hot air outside the fridge. This will keep the temperature inside low and even. In order to keep your refrigerator running smoothly, you have to remove accumulated dirt and cobwebs in the coils at the back of the fridge. Use a small vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust particles. Most modern fridges today have a back panel covering the coils. You might have to remove the back panel to reach the coils.

4. Try not to use sharp objects such as knives or ice picks to remove ice in the freezer.

If you are using a machine that does not have an auto-defrosting system, ice can build up in the freezer. You should unplug the fridge and open the freezer to remove some of the ice. Don’t use sharp object to remove collected ice. This might damage the interior of the freezer.

5. Don’t use copper pan scrubbers to clean the compartments of the fridge.

If you are trying to get rid of hardened stains, you might want to treat those areas with baking soda and vinegar mixture. This cleaning solution will help loosen up crusty stains. Leave it there for about an hour. After an hour, use a damp cloth to wipe the stains away.

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